A downloadable interactive short-film for Windows and macOS

A experimental horror-comedy game where you Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.  This was inspired by our original project, found here. This version was made in Unity.

Press 1, 2, or 3 to make a selection, when prompted. They correspond with the order of the buttons on the screen. 1 = Green, 2 = Yellow, 3 = Green.

Cast (in no particular order):

Adam Leibowich as: Mayne, Bob Ross, Guard, Fortnite Guy #1-4,

Madeline Davis as: Professor Meanie

Jacob Chaulk as: Slender-Troll

Vu Pham as: Shia

Cristian Espinoza as: Harambe

Sebastian Byer as: Florida Man and  Shrek

Christian Orellana as: Shrek (in that one scene)

Gaby Franco as: Fortnite Gal #1

Crew (in alphabetical order):

Sebastian Byer - Editing, Special Effects

Jacob Chaulk - Programming (Arduino)

Gaby Franco - Cinematography, Editing, Special Effects

Samantha Japa -  Cinematography

Adam Leibowich - Director, Producer

Christian Orellana - Programming (Unity)


Original Credits:

Adam Leibowich - Director, Producer, Acting (as Main Character)

Christian Orellana - Producer, Programming, Screenplay, Storyboards

Gaby Franco - Cinematography, Editing, Special Effects

Sebastian Byer - Editing, Storyboards, Special Effects, Acting (as Shrek)

Jacob Chaulk - Screenplay, Storyboards, Acting (as Slender-Troll)

Samantha Japa - Cinematography

Hanna Hadzic - Storyboards, Acting (as Main Character's Savior)

Austin Acosta - Programming, Herobrine

Steven Pineda - Screenplay, Acting (as Zookeeper)

Vu Pham - Screenplay, Acting (as Shia Labeouf)

Cristian Espinoza - Screenplay, Acting (as Harambe)

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the downloaded .zip file onto anywhere on your computer. Then open the folder and use the Unity executable.

MacOS: If you're on a Mac... Well, I don't have a Mac. Best of luck, soldier. Godspeed.


Mac Client
Windows Client


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I Would Love To Play This Unity Version, But The Windows Version Isnt On This Page, Only The Mac One, Guess Ill Have To Play The Ren'py Version.

Hi! Just uploaded the Windows version

Are They're Any Differences?

Yeah! We added a lot of new scenes, and completely revamped the story

Guess That Means I'll Give It Another Go!