A downloadable interactive short-film for Windows and macOS

A experimental horror-comedy game where you Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. Really, it's an interactive short film.


Adam Leibowich - Director, Producer, Acting (as Main Character)

Christian Orellana - Producer, Programming, Screenplay, Storyboards

Gaby Franco - Cinematography, Editing, Special Effects

Sebastian Byer - Editing, Storyboards, Special Effects, Acting (as Shrek)

Jacob Chaulk - Screenplay, Storyboards, Acting (as Slender-Troll)

Samantha Japa - Cinematography

Hanna Hadzic - Storyboards, Acting (as Main Character's Savior)

Austin Acosta - Programming, Herobrine

Steven Pineda - Screenplay, Acting (as Zookeeper)

Vu Pham - Screenplay, Acting (as Shia Labeouf)

Cristian Espinoza - Screenplay, Acting (as Harambe)

Unfortunately, due to the file types that Ren'py supports, a lot of the original video quality was lost to compression by the mpeg2 filetype. We plan on moving the game to a different engine, like Unity or Unreal in order to support higher quality video.


Windows Download
Mac Download


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